Cross-chain Lend & Borrow Optimizer

Fuji analyzes thousands of lend and borrow terms across multiple lending markets, protocols and chains to provide users with the best rates.

Fuji Finance - Scanning

Collateralize on Chain A and Borrow on Chain B

Provide collateral on one chain and borrow on another by using Fuji V2 Himalaya. Interest rate on open positions will constantly be optimized with the best rate across multiple lending markets, protocols and chain.

Fuji Finance - Cross-Chain
Fuji Finance - Borrow Sneak PeakFuji Finance - Borrow Sneak Peak
Capital Efficient

Providing lenders and borrowers the best rate available


Collateralize on Chain A and Borrow on Chain B


Automate lending and borrowing position management


Optimize your lend and borrow APY

Auto Refinance


Optimize interest rates on your open positions.



Feel safe, Fuji is audited by industry security leaders with active bug bounties.

Chain Agnostic

Coming soon

Collateralize on chain A and borrow on chain B.

Auto Harvest & Compound

Coming soon

Watch yield compound and/or payback your loan.

Limit Stop Loss

Coming soon

Close a position when the price drops below a predefined threshold.

Batch Transactions

Coming soon

Do multiple actions in one transactions (e.i collateral/debt swaps, one click leverage and more)


How it works


Liquidity Deposited


Borrowing Volume


Cross-chain networks


DeFi Partners
how it works

Fuji constantly scans borrow markets

Routing your loan through Fuji ensures you get the best borrow rate, aggregated across all providers. Better opportunity?

The protocol automatically refinances the whole pool of loans to the new lowest APR.


Backed by the best


Built by developers,
for developers

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